Learning Centre

LVLC is driven by knowing the wasteful downward spiral that school exclusion compounds. Employment prospects worsen; two thirds of the prison population experienced exclusion from school. 
The Leamington and Warwick areas are no different in having a small proportion of children who fit into this category and more who are moving towards it.

Our schools do their very best to facilitate the learning of these children, but are the first to
recognize that sometimes they are unable to help them. 

Local Head Teachers and those working to place such students see very few options for them.

There are a few organisations that do various activities with the students such as art or vocational courses.  

LVLC can make a real difference in young lives by being different in the following ways:

  1. Several Head Teachers have highlighted Mathematics and English learning as their major need. These subjects are at the centre of each student's individual learning package at LVLC and, according to their needs, other subjects will be offered where appropriate and possible.
  2. We seek to help students return to mainstream school life as soon as possible For some it will mean dealing with the issues that lead to their situation, for many it will be getting to grips with their learning difficulties, maybe for the first time, and catching up with their peers.
  3. Teaching on a one to one basis will happen for the majority of the time.
  4. The centre has a compassionate Christian ethos, in which all children regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or social class are welcomed, valued and treated with respect. Experience has already shown that fostering this caring mutual respect has a powerful transforming effect.
  5. As well as full time staff we have a number of volunteers, especially from the local churches, people such as retired teachers, teachers who are not employed at present and other graduates who help with an hour or two a week, doing one to one tuition. LVLC's difference enables us to tap this pool of motivated and experienced talent.  

We think these differences justify our strong hopes for our students.

They also create our cost-effective structure which we hope lowers the barrier to those who can be helped but for whom budgets can be another harsh reality.